Germans Dominate Norway

Published on 5-Sep-2016 by srijan213

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Germans Dominate Norway

The reigning World Champions gave a glimpse of their ability, and Norway found no way to counter it.

Germany's obviously favored in Group C as the race to Russia in 2018 gets into full swing.

And when Die Mannschaft takes a full swing, someone gets floored.

In this case, that was Landslaget, to the tune of a 3-0 beatdown.

Incidentally, Norway's nickname actually translates to national team. But what would one expect from a country where the top-rated TV show is a burning log?

OK, you've gotta be there.

No lit logs were gonna stop the Germans from shredding their visitors, though, and who better than the sniper himself, Thomas Müller to ignite the proceedings:

Dude can turn even a glimmer of a chance into a goal, just not on major tournaments recently.

Then it was time for the anointed Future of German Football -- 21-year-old Joshua Kimmich -- to provide yet more evidence that there may well be truth in advertising:

Germany is finally rediscovering its passing rhythm.

Müller showed another side of his striking proficiency on the hour, heading in the hosts' third goal:

Where was that in the Euros?

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