From Ticked Off to Kickoff: Brazil Opens the World Cup

Published on 12-Jun-2014 by J Square Humboldt
Soccer / Soccer Daily Update

It's just like you're really there.

Beyond doubt, staging the World Cup in Brazil has created serious controversy amongst its citizens.

What's the solution?

Who knows? And for the next month, who cares? The Brazilian national team has another trophy to collect. Or at least try to.

So, as Brazilians can do so well, it's time to leave reality behind and launch the party.

And the hosts are ready to add to the hype when they meet Croatia today.

And here are today's combatants:

The global football community awaits. Most don't expect work to get in the way, either. No smartphone or tablet, though? Well, if you're in China, for one instance, just go buy a faux doctor's note. Fans in Thailand will risk their freedom to watch.

And the English just find a way. Because they're English. And they created the game. For what it's worth.

But leave it to the Australians -- and their Pommie lead singer -- to sum up the proceedings:

So don't worry 'bout tomorrow
Take it today
Forget about the cheque, we'll get hell to pay
Have a drink on me

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