Footballer's Fart Wafts Up a Red Card

Published on 24-Jun-2016 by Alan Adamsson

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Footballer's Fart Wafts Up a Red Card

For the record, the Swedish word for it is brakskit.

And just know that in the homeland of Blågulten, the sk sound is pronounced sorta like sh in English.

So maybe the ref in question was bilingual.

While that's conjecture, this isn't:

Dude definitely knows a cardable offense when he hears it.

Swedish football fart

No further translation needed.

Sounds like the official was a bit thin-skinned.

Swedes usually save that sort of sensitivity for Ingemar Bergman films.

Well done, dude. Could be worth a click.

Meanwhile, back in the world of etiquette and protocol ...

If only the Blågult had stuck it out at Euro 2016, they coulda shown that if Frenchmen at higher levels get away with such things, so should lower-division Swedes:

Elderberries. Yes.

Maybe that's where Ljungkvist went wrong.

soccer fart tweet

Here's the irony. It coulda been worse ...

... But that probably woulda saved him the red.

Ljungkvist's audible air isn't even the dumbest reason for giving a player the boot.

And there have been bigger flatulence disasters in recorded history.

greatest farts of the century

Dude was just on the wrong pitch at the wrong time with no Gas-X in sight.