FC Bayern: The Unstoppable Force

Published on 25-Nov-2015 by srijan213

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FC Bayern: The Unstoppable Force

What some thought might be an enticing encounter between Bayern Münich and Schalke ended as expected.

FC Bayern topped Schalke 04 in every statistic, and obviously, that included goals. Their 1-3 result was an accurate portrayal.

Pep Guardiola may have to wait for his 100 % possession dream, but even so, he's certainly sleeping well these days.

Schalke got an early indication of what was coming as Bayern tore apart its defense:

It's a bad day when you're facing Bayern and betrayed by luck.

Schalke did equalize soon after:

That cannot be Manuel Neuer on the goal.

Arjen Robben had recently saved his country from misery and saved Bayern with a wonderful cross.

That's a dream cross for anyone with a head.

It was then the turn for Germany’s unsung hero, Thomas Müller.

Somehow, dude always has acres of space around him.

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