FA Cup Fourth-Round Massacre also Claims Manchester City

Published on 25-Jan-2015 by srijan213

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FA Cup Fourth-Round Massacre also Claims Manchester City

Oh, the humanity!

Even Manchester City’s vaunted soccernauts weren't able to escape this season's FA Cup lower-division giant-killing jinx.

At least their 0-2 crumbling to Middleborough was against a club only one level down.

Premiership giants have fallen left and right to the minors of the realm. The Citizens had just taken a friendly against Hamburg, 2-0, too. They must be throwing coins in ponds now, wishing it was the other way around.

Nobody was backing the 'Boro for a win, but how often does tipping a sure favorite go awry? And this year, how often does Manchester City get it wrong? But there it is.

'Boro's first goal was a bit of a meal, but they all count, and Mark Bamford will take it:

Legs flying all over the place, a six-foot-tall goalie falling on his face, and a sliding tackle earning a goal for the underdogs. It's make more blooper clips than highlight reels, but it's the stuff of upsets.

The Sky Blues without Yaya Touré resemble a mannequin. It's got the style and pinache, but no life.

Adding to Man City's misery, the 'Boro pulled another rabbit out of the hat:


Yo! Citizens! Matches are not won on how many players you trip.

Amongst the carnage, Manchester United must be very happy that they at least drew against Cambridge. It's doubtful they'll be taking their reprieve for granted.

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