Everton Stunned by Cherries

Published on 5-Dec-2015 by srijan213

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Everton Stunned by Cherries

This looked to be the usual David vs Goliath match in the Premiership, and it was one where David struck again.

Everton seemed to be taking Bournemouth for granted but got binged instead, 3-3.

The Cherries have had a rough go with the Premiership environment, and the Toffees have been playing this game at a high level for too long. But as most punters know, the chalk is never 100%.

Everton gave an early indication as to who the big boys are:

That's why one needs to use his head in the game, and Funes Mori knows it.

Good times continued for the Toffees, as they soon got a second through Romelu Lukaku:

Air and ground are both Everton’s territory.

However, what Bournemouth did next would have got even the European elite to give pause:

No one stops those.

And if Everton could rack up two in a row, so could Bournemouth:

Everton looked to still be stunned by that earlier rocket.

Ross Barkley then thought he posted the winning goal with a late one:

But not this time:

How Everton fans must be feeling like.

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