Everton Schools the Young Boys

Published on 20-Feb-2015 by srijan213

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Everton Schools the Young Boys

The Europa League clash between Bern's SC Young Boys and Everton ended in a humiliation for the Swiss side as Everton pounded out a 1-4 triumph while one man short.

Roberto Martínez has directed the Toffees quite well since his arrival at Goodison Park. Romelu Lukaku is Everton’s biggest signing, thanks to the manager, and he's starting to repay his debt quite well.

Like most of the Premiership teams playing outside the country, Everton followed the seeming English ritual of conceding first and fast. The Young Boys were off on a flier 10 minutes into it:

It was a classic example of finish with finesse.

Then, Everton followed a Premiership ritual of hitting back hard. Here, it was Lukaku on the precipice of a busy evening:

Just a casual nod is all it took for the Toffees' front man.

Only four minutes later, Séamus Coleman confirmed the ages-old wisdom of keeping a balanced pitch:

The Young Boys didn't know what hit them.

Nine minutes later, it was time for Lukaku 2.0, who got by with a favorable carom and a lenient linesman:

Dude then got his hat trick with a clinical finish.

James McCarthy started that clip with a hamstring issue, but by the time of the goal, he was back there looking like it was a day at the beach. Figuratively speaking, by then, it was.

Any chance the Young Boys had for a comeback was quashed when a hard earned penalty from John Stone's red card was wasted.

Safe to say he Happy Gilmored that one.

Lukaku had one more opportunity to add to a phenomenal night, but somehow ...

Who does he think he is? Balotelli?