Everton Discovers Gunners Aren't the Young Boys

Published on 2-Mar-2015 by srijan213

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Everton Discovers Gunners Aren't the Young Boys

After a successful campaign in the Europa league, the Toffees got shot down.

Arsenal had comfortable command of their own turf as they kept Everton at bay with an easy 2-0 victory.

The demolition of Young Boys and Arsenal's recent Champions League failure had raised real questions, but the Gunners made sure that they remained the top dog in this hunt and lift them back into the Premiership's top three.

Emirates Stadium was a pressure cooker for Everton, and it was only a matter of time before the doors would be blown off their resistance.

A perfect ball picked out Olivier Giroud in the crowded box, who did justice to the cross.

Everton never looked like scoring afterwards.

It was Gunners lighting it up again in the game's dying moments, through Tomáš Rosický and a Toffee foot.

That kinda day.