Euro 2016: England Cruise Past Lithuania

Published on 28-Mar-2015 by srijan213

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Euro 2016: England Cruise Past Lithuania

The Three Lions -- thank you, Swedish hockey, for the idea -- netted a 4-0 win against a low-profile Lithuania side in a Euro 2016 Group E qualifier that had all the drama of a morning sunrise.

No matter how England performs, they're always right up there in terms of fervent supporters. Expectation always supplants hope, most likely because they've produced so much talent in recent years but haven’t won a major trophy to show for it.

In this walkover, English domination was initiated by their captain, Wayne Rooney:

In form, Rooney would've had a hat trick if the posts had been a bit wider:

Is that goal regulation size or what?

Meanwhile, strikers are trying to emulate Ronaldo’s high-flying headers:

Danny Welbeck did something out of the box:

There's a header, there's a diving header, and then there’s the down periscope! header. Or something like that.

The England captain didn't retire from his duty just yet, as he set up Raheem Sterling, the other young England sensation:

His small bulk does help him get around the defenders.

Then, of course, there's the England sensation: Harry Kane -- aka the HurriKane -- who took all of 29 seconds in his international debut to get his act into gear:

Let’s face it, if the Lithuanians proved anything, it's that basketball is their national passion.

As for the English, the expectations remain.