England Tops Aussies as Euro 2016 Prep Continues

Published on 28-May-2016 by srijan213

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England Tops Aussies as Euro 2016 Prep Continues

OK, it's not the Ashes, but any competition between the Pommies and its former prison colony gets serious attention in both nations.

England hosted Australia for an International friendly before the Euro 2016 and won the match comfortably with a 2-1 margin.

Seems like they're firing on all cylinders, but wary fans have seen this before, over and over again.

But hope springs eternal.

Marcus Rashford, the United wunderkind, is now a national gem as well. Dude demonstrated his talents early:

It's now possibly to claim he's not a one-night wonder. A debut goal in just three minutes can do that.

Wayne Rooney may have lost the No 10 shirt of England, but the old warhorse is still a threat, as he demonstraed with this bazooka of a goal:

No matter club or country, dude must be taken into account, if nothing else.

England’s arch-nemesis, Mr Own Goal, took the stage again. This time, it was in the form of Eric Dier:

This would've been a great goal had it been scored at the other end.

That's the English defense for you, but even there, hope springs eternal.