England Manager Stung, then Sacked

Published on 29-Sep-2016 by J Square Humboldt

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England Manager Stung, then Sacked

The birthplace of association football has always had its share of dodgy dealers.

Even current Premiership champions Leicester City utilized wayward ways to get the resources allowing them to accomplish that feat.

Now, the country's perpetually underachieving national team has added a chapter to this sordid history.

Current ex-manager Sam Allardyce has been exposed as a ducker-&-diver. Here's how it broke earlier this week:

Here's what it sounds like from the staid world of officialdom:


Allardyce had spent the bulk of his managing career wandering the backwaters of English football, creatively deploying damn near every trick in the book to keep his teams competitive with the big brands. Ultimately, such tactics would lead to his overstaying his welcome.

Dude was accustomed to sailing close to the wind in his dealings. This ttme, the wind prevailed, sweeping him out of the job he'd coveted for so long.

If only there was still a Woolworth's around.

It might've been the only place left where Allardyce could get a job.