England Blanks a Baltic

Published on 11-Oct-2015 by srijan213

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England Blanks a Baltic

The job of qualifying for Euro 2016 has been done and dusted, but the Three Lions still like to hunt.

England were put up against a naïve Estonian side, toyed with them, and ultimately came out winning easily, 2-0.

It was a fair tune-up for the lads, which may be the only worthy thing that can remotely be said about it.

Still, it took long enough before they actually got down to addressing the game's ultimate objective:

Ross Barkley should be knighted for such an assist.

England have a rich young talent repository and the second goal originated from there:

Jamie Vardy is having the time of his life, and Raheem Sterling is enjoying the richest phase of his life. Enjoy, dudes.

All that was left to wonder on the night was whether or not England's nickname was inspired by Sweden's longstanding Tre Kronor -- Three Crowns -- that refers mainly to their national hockey team. While that moniker goes back to the 1920s at least, it seems like the Pommies didn't hop on board with the idea until the mid-1990s.

Whatever. It wouldn't be the first time Viking heritage took hold on the Isle.