England Aces Carve Up Turkey

Published on 26-May-2016 by srijan213

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England Aces Carve Up Turkey

England has put serious of talent on display this season.

When it all comes together, visions of EuroDreams start dancing in John Bull heads.

That's what happened when the English spent an International friendly taking Turkey to task with a 2-1 triumph.

Their Euro 2016 campaign opens in Marseille on Sat 11 Jun against the Russians, so there's obviously never a better time to be firing on all cylinders.

One trend that's been looking long-term is the Hurri-Kane.

That, of course, would be Harry Kane, the super Spur who just can't stop scoring no matter where he plays:

However, they're not the sort of dynamo that can swagger into France just yet.

Hakan Çalhano─člu leveled the score.

The England defense never gets better, even if it is the latest great hope for international hardware.

Jamie Vardy took Leicester City to glory, and he did it for his country on this night, as well.

Always a match winner, this dude.