Ecuador Almost Got It Right against Bolivia

Published on 17-Jun-2015 by srijan213

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Ecuador Almost Got It Right against Bolivia

OK, these fighters aren't football heavyweights, but they produced a match worthy of a main event.

In the end, though, little Ecuador wound up where it always does in these tournaments, on the mat looking up. As to Bolivia, its 2-3 triumph kept it undefeated in Group A.

The sun rose early for La Verde, like in the fourth minute, compliments of captain Ronald Raldes:

A bit of bromance before the goal and a bit of bromance after the goal. Both ... very ... different.

Bolivia then crafted an elegant footballing pattern to score their second, which was finished by one of the world's few Swedish-Bolivians:

Pinpoint accuracy in both the passes and the shot after a daylight-robbery takeaway.

Not everything was going downhill for Ecuador. However, one of its players was:

OK, it was a penalty, but is the dive that called attention to it football's version of snitching?

Karma weighed in:

Looks like someone was taking notes at the Scott Sterling penalty saves camp.

Ecuador's frustrations just grew from there. For example, it seems the transfer value for Frickson Errzo might have increased, only in another line of work:

And this is how you take a penalty, dude.

Picking the corner like an itchy nose.

Something inspirational must've been said at the half, though, as Ecuador composed itself and hit back instantly.

Maybe Bolivia hit the snack table too hard during intermission.

Then, like the Bad News Bears that they are, Ecuador struck again, right from the top shelf:

No keeper saves those.

But in the end, their feisty comeback was thwarted: