Down Goes Brazil! Down Goes Brazil!

Published on 29-Jun-2015 by srijan213

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Down Goes Brazil! Down Goes Brazil!

So, the football power that eveyone feared had nothing to fear but itself.

Maybe Brazil's humilation in the World Cup it hosted wasn't a short-term hiccup.

Now, what other old bromide can be tweaked to explain what just happened at the Copa América?

Here's one:

PogoThey were done in by the arrogance of expectation.

And sooner or later, they'd better start expecting some quality out of their backfield. It did them in again.

Brazil were defeated 4-3 on penalties by small fry Paraguay after regulation time ended with the score, 1-1.

This clash was supposed to be an easy 90 for the football monolith, but La Albirroja kept their head and dragged Brazil into the sport's version of Russian roulette.

Everything seemed to be SOP for the favorites at the start. Their build-up was brilliant, allowing Robinho to light upthe scoreboard:

This is the sort of football that made Brazil famous.

But the little piranhas that are Paraguay waited patiently for their moment. It came when Thiago Silva found out the hard way that he's not the defensive version of Diego Maradona:

That's is no volleyball, dude, and God kept His hands to Himself.

The penalty conversion was just a formality, albeit a swift one in every sense of the word:

Thanks to the tournament's TV contract, drawn matches go straight to penalties, just as Argentina and Colombia did.

A sky-rising bullet from each team followed Everton Ribiero's exaggerated left-footer outside, the latter of which was enough to send Brazil home and Paraguay through:

Brazil not this team anymore: