Dortmund's Curse Continues

Published on 25-Feb-2015 by srijan213

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Dortmund's Curse Continues

That black and yellow thunderstorm in Germany has been downgraded to a black cloud.

This just isn't Borussia Dortmund's season.

Now, their poor run in the Bundeslign has haunted them all the way to Italy. Juventus toyed with Die Borussen on the way to posting a 2-1 victory over the beleagured travelers.

Last season’s Dortmund was a different story, but obviously, now isn't then. Juventus were the clear favorites coming into this one, and they made sure there weren't any banana skins on the pitch.

The action began early in Turin as Carlos Tevez rolled one to the back of the net.

Great slide, there, by Marcel Schmelzer. Too bad the nearest second base was half a continent and a whole ocean away.

However, perhaps he should give a few tips to Giorgio Chiellini.

Marco Reus coulda taken a Swiss highway and still scored.

Swiss highway

Juvo may be known as the Zebras, but when the scoreboard needed to reflect the run of play, they roared back like a tiger.

And as the song goes, if it wasn't for bad luck, Die Borussen wouldn't have any luck at all.

Technology really does need to make more of an appearance in football. Drones, anyone?

Juventus were the better team. As for Dortmund, well, as the song goes: