Deportivo Spoil Xavi's Farewell Party

Published on 24-May-2015 by srijan213

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Deportivo Spoil Xavi's Farewell Party

Barcelona bid its final goodbye to a veteran midfielder, but in the process were shocked by a 2-2 draw at Camp Nou against the underdogs from Deportivo La Coruna.

It's the an end of an era for Barça. For so many years, silent hero Xavi has created, provided, and netted; dude's a true genius in every sense and a role model for all the rising talents.

The match started rather well for the already anointed La Liga champions as their favorite son, Lionel Messi, scored in just three minutes:

Messi's timing for moving into space is impeccable. He makes his teammates look clairvoyant.

Why let Ronaldo score all the headers? Just three goals away from being the top scorer. Seems possible.

It was the magical Messi again to add icing to Xavi’s farewell cake:

Actually, that one's all Neymar. He's learned to be unselfish around Messi.

But then came the party spoilers with a vengance:

A pirouette followed by a cannon. Not bad in a meaningless match.

The second spoiler caught everyone ball gazing:

At the end, though, nothing dampened the expression of appreciation for Xavi:

Xavi banner

Damn. How long does it take to make something of that size? That's a true measure of the depth of this tribute!