Cristiano Ronaldo: FIFA's World Player of the Year

Published on 11-Jan-2017 by akinkunmi009

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Cristiano Ronaldo: FIFA's World Player of the Year

No one will argue that many players had stunning performances here and there in 2016.

But there was one who just kept on providing them.

Dude's gonna need to add an extra wing to his trophy case as a result.

Yet another FIFA award is just what the world needed in these trying times, and who else would be at the head of the line to accept the newly minted hardware?

It's no surprise that Lionel Messi took the night off.

Does this new award make the Ballon d'Or football's version of the Golden Globes, establishing front-runners for the Oscars and Academies a short while later?

Damn. Ronaldo even stole the lip-lock!

And while FIFA didn't exactly steal the award spotlight, it did terminate the deal with the Ballon d'Or's originator, France Football magazine.

So, until one or the other decides to do something else to make its award distinctive -- Indian poker? Dodgeball? -- it looks like they'll be dusting off the tuxes and gowns twice for the same occasion each year.

Not that this is necessarily a bad thing.