Chivas 86ed; LAFC on the Way

Published on 31-Oct-2014 by J Square Humboldt

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Chivas 86ed; LAFC on the Way

Finally, MLS has removed a self-planted thorn in its side.

Chivas USA is going to hasta its vista as a poorly conceived experiment.

Who in their right mind could have thought pinpointing only one ethnic group as a national sports franchise's target market wouldn't create awkward issues?

MLS has made serious strides in the last decade. It's beginning to monetize its visibility. So the last thing it needed was a club that polarized the sporting public in general. Besides, the Oakland Raiders already have a corner on that market.

With Chivas a not-so-fond memory and MLS wanting to fill a perceived void in SoCal, Los Angeles does what Los Angeles does best. It breaks out the dosh and the glitz.

The Los Angeles Galaxy knew this announcement was imminent, so the club took it in stride. One less road trip, really.

David Beckham's dream of plopping a football club in Miami has yet to materialize and rumors still swirl about Las Vegas, but the league remains on course with its expansion plans. New York and Orlando begin play in 2015, and serious inquiries just keep on coming.

And fortunately, its one major mistake will keep on going. All the way to oblivion.

Good riddance to Chivas USA