Chile Reach the Copa Final with a Vargas Screamer

Published on 30-Jun-2015 by srijan213

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Chile Reach the Copa Final with a Vargas Screamer

How about that? Chile's golden generation might actually be living up to its billing.

Not bad timing, either, as the tournament host.

Chile satisfyingly defeated Peru, 2-1, to reach the Copa América finals for the first time since dinosaurs walked the earth.

Well, OK, since 1987. But these dinosaurs were hard at it:

Although Chile were the clear favorites, Peru did not reach the semis on just luck. Sure, a bit of Bolivian defensive incompetence helped, but they're a hard team to beat.

Chile’s stars just shone brighter on this night.

Peru were behind the eight-ball from the get-go. So much for follow-through being a fundamental principle:

Maybe this was football's version of pack racing.

Or maybe he was trying to pull the Spartan kick.

But, this is not Sparta.

So maybe the dude's just an idiot on the big stage.

Anyway, the numbers game finally showed:

Laser build-up. Light bulb finish. But it counts. Getting there is half the battle, and Chile did that with aplomb.

As for Peru, how do they score with only ten men? Simple. Recruit an eleventh:

Chile's winner was an absolute stunner:

Whoa! Peru wouldn't have stopped that Eduardo Vargas howitzer with twelve men!

And that is how a host team reaches the final, lads.