Chile Lifts Copa América Curtain with Authority

Published on 12-Jun-2015 by srijan213

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Chile Lifts Copa América Curtain with Authority

The Copa América 2015 hosts raised their fans' hopes the trophy would remain in Chile long after everyone else had gone.

A convincing  2-0 win against Ecuador can have that sort of effect.

Chile were that close to greatness in the World Cup, but as we all know, close only counts in horseshoes, hand grenades, and social dancing. It was notable, though, that they brought their World Cup quality to this competition and dismantled the Ecuadorians, their favorite prey in this event.

The match saw its first goal when Chile’s main man, Arturo Vidal, was brought down.

Referees are so much better than in the Premiership.

And Vidal was up to his standards with the spot kick:

No wonder Manchester United is pining for his signature.

Chile’s final strike was a thing of beauty, as they made the Ecuadorian defenders dance like puppets.

Eduardo Vargas was superb for Queens Park Rangers and now for his country.

The hosts are indeed a favorite to lay their hands on the trophy. And they, in every way, look the part.

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