Chile Goes Bizarro on Bolivia

Published on 20-Jun-2015 by srijan213

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Chile Goes Bizarro on Bolivia

Chile had a shaky start to the Copa América, but the hosts finally gave their fans a night to remember.

As in a rompin' stompin' of Bolivia by a 5-0 count that also secured their first-place finish in Group A.

The surprise wasn't that Chile won this one, but the fact that they did so by a five-goal margin. It's like knowing what's coming and not fully grasping the work behind it.

Cleavon Little Candygram

Chile is a world-class team, and they desperately needed such a display to keep their hopes alive against the more established tournament giants.

Their pounding started early, as La Roja found the net in the fourth minute:

If that was an intentional pass, dude, then you just pulled the assist-of-the-season award.

But everyone knows better.

Alexis Sanchez had been brilliant for Arsenal this season, and it seems that he brought his Gunners form to this competition:

No one expected a header from there, let alone a goal.

Charles Aránguiz got his second to give Chile its third:

He must be super-friendly in the dressing room because everyone seems to pass him in the penalty box.

The hosts' fourth for was their best so far:

And they say Messi is the king of lobs.

Well, OK. Yes. Yes he is.

By this time, Bolivia had had quite enough of the bullying and decided to score:

Well, that had been the easiest option all game.

It was even better than the previous lob.