Chile Craft a Friendly Comeback

Published on 6-Sep-2015 by srijan213

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Chile Craft a Friendly Comeback

The Copa América winners, are finally starting to act like champions.

Chile snatched a game from the poor.

Maybe this was a friendly, but Chile came with star quality and took out Paraguay, 3-2.

Pinball reigned in the early going, but La Roja will take it:

Felipe Gutiérrez had to be thinking he should've bought a lottery ticket.

Undeterred, Paraguay got back to business:

That's how to score from a rebound. At least, Jonathan Fabbro thinks so.

Paraguay needed more in return for their generous gift to Chile and scored again:

Johnny Herrera surely wasn't going to keep Jorge Benítez's volley out from the inside.

But Chile didn't become champions for nothing. They now know how to win matches.

Nice tic-tac-Gutiérrez, there, dudes.

Chile then capped off their comeback with none other than Alexis Sánchez taking center stage:

Could be a bright era ahead for this side.

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