Chile and Mexico Blast Away, Come Out Even

Published on 17-Jun-2015 by srijan213

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Chile and Mexico Blast Away, Come Out Even

This month's true action-adventure blockbuster could be the Copa América.

It's already produced a series of excellent matches, and the battle between La Roja and El Tri lived up to that standard, ringing up a breathtaking 3-3 after the dust had settled.

Fans witnessed a stirring matchup in every aspect of the game, from nerve-wracking drama to goals and more goals.

Mexico got the fiesta started by stunning the hosts with a simple tap-in by Matías Vuoso after a brilliant build-up:

No, that wasn't a saints’ touch; it's called a faint touch.

The Chilean reply was lightning-fast as Arturo Vidal headed a laser.

We're hearing the pommie version of Goaaaaallll!

Raúl Jiménez saw that effort and raised it with an even better header to put Mexico back in front:

This game was becoming football's version of a tennis match, and it was Chile's turn to volley:

So much for tall northern Europeans being masters of the header. Seems like the technique is alive and well at the mezzanine levels, too.

Chile then took the lead for the first time when Vidal converted a beautiful penalty:

He's the benchmark for players to measure calmness in penalties.

All this epic clash needed was a spectacular climax, and Mexico didn't disappoint:

Full marks to Adrián Aldrete for the pass of the match, leading to an equalizer that eased its way in goal like a ghost through a wall.

The result keeps the fancied hosts on top of Group A, while Mexico sits in third with two hard-fought draws. But this crowd is far from settled.

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