Chelsea Ships Hammers on Boxing Day

Published on 26-Dec-2014 by srijan213

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Chelsea Ships Hammers on Boxing Day

Chelsea displayed their top quality brand of football again on Boxing Day.

Their 2-0 scoreline against West Ham at Stamford Bridge doesn't begin to describe their dominance.

The Premiership pacesetters showed the gaping difference between themselves and the surprisingly fourth-placed Hammers. Still Manger José Mourinho didn't need to twist the knife by claiming the visitors play 19th century football.

The Blues defenders have been stellar, and John Terry is the best of the lot ... on both ends of the pitch.

Then came the brilliance of Diego Costa, the favorite for this season's Barclay's Golden Boot.

For a bigger dude, he sure has swiftness to his steps.

West Ham didn't even put a single shot on goal, which is what prompted Mourinho to make these comments, for which he later apologized:

So now West Ham has slipped to the fifth spot while Chelsea keeps cruising, right through this section of the 21st century.