Chelsea’s Villainy Muzzles the Gunners

Published on 20-Sep-2015 by srijan213

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Chelsea’s Villainy Muzzles the Gunners

When the positive football didn't work, Chelsea summoned evil spirits to get the job done.

And poof! Enter Diego Costa.

His tactics reduced the suckered Gunners to nine men as the Blues shut out arch-rivals Arsenal, 2-0, and claimed only their second packet of trois points for the season.

Arsène Wenger's crew would've had a clue as to what was in store if they'd noticed Costa's pre-game preparations.

Chelsea's campaign has resembled a rollercoaster that had more lows than highs while the Gunners have enjoyed just the opposite. Clearly, José Mourinho has become accustomed to taking the low road as a result.

Costa wasted little time setting the tone:

Well, it is frustrating not being able to score, isn’t it?

Do that to Messi or Ronaldo and you'll be sure to get warm water, as you'll beat your teammates to the showers.

Then, incredibly, Chelsea cast their spell on the referee:

Usually the Blues don't like the color red, but they're OK with it in card-sized doses.

The numbers game then played its part:

Kurt Zouma was the unmarked player and made the most of his surprise entry into the side in place of captain John Terry.

Arsenal needed to pay more attention to that old adage that said, fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. But they didn't.

And they were cut no slack in the process:

Can't really argue that one, except for all the previous Chelsea hijinks going untended.

Eden Hazard, the man who secretly disappeared in this match up to this point, finally had his moment:

Nice way to steal the spotlight, dude. For a match like this, it was truly fitting.

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