Chelsea's in Lone-Point Mode

Published on 15-Jan-2016 by srijan213

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Chelsea's in Lone-Point Mode

Looks like the Blues have a dose of the Man U flu.

Symptoms include an abundance of drawn games, even after José Mourinho's exit.

Local fans at Stamford Bridge were frustrated by West Brom's late equalizer to put the finishing touches on a 2-2 sister-kisser.

Guus Hiddink may have worked wonders in his first games in charge, but the spell he cast seems to be weakening. The Baggies did everything in their limited capacity to keep the Blues away from trois points, and it was enough.

César Azpilicueta came from 'way back to do what's confounding most strikers these days:

This is what we could easily call a run for the money.

Craig Gardener knows if you can shoot, then you don’t need to run:

No one said that snipers were allowed in the field, but there he is.

Chelsea sucks in front of their goal. Further proof: Gareth McAuley had to nudge them along:

If only Chelsea strikers knew how to do that on their own.

James McClean saved the game, however, with a beautiful and painful strike.

And the Blues' roller-coaster season continues.