Chelsea Outplayed and Still Gain the Advantage

Published on 18-Feb-2015 by srijan213

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Chelsea Outplayed and Still Gain the Advantage

Chelsea may be the top dog in its own league only.

A dominating Paris Saint-Germain was the side having to settle for a 1-1 draw.

The Champions League is aptly named, and the Round of Sixteen features the champions of the Champions. On this night, at least, Chelsea looked out of place. Given their stature in the Premiership, well, it was a sorry showing.

Just two shots throughout. Total. To the Blues' credit, one went in. The full ninety minutes was summarized right there. That, Señor Mourinho, was worse than nineteenth-century football.

Chelsea’s only shot on target came through the defensive pairings. The cross, the assist and the goal: all from defenders.

Did attack and defense switch roles? Got to admit, though, those are full-service dudes.

All the pressure from PSG laid on Chelsea finally paid off, as the lethal Cavani was left open:

Chelsea's defenders looked like bodyguards, standing both front and back of the PSG star.

As if run of play ever means anything, PSG was hard done by, what with the effort they put forward. What's more, now this pairing is advantage Chelsea, what with the away goal.

So, for their two shots, this seems 'way more than they deserved. But, existentially speaking, there it is. Now the Blues look forward to the second leg at home. And, we all know how great they are at Stamford Bridge.