Chelsea Edge Nearer to Title, Even on a Bad Day

Published on 14-Apr-2015 by srijan213

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Chelsea Edge Nearer to Title, Even on a Bad Day

Chelsea have kept themselves at the top through some brilliant performances, but Queen's Park Rangers always seem to tweak their West London rivals' dominance.

Although QPR were the far better team on Sunday, Chelsea’s single on-target shot was enough to claim all trois points.

Such is the fortune of a side struggling to stay up.

José Mourinho’s crew was kept at bay, but the Special One is a bottom-line dude, so he'll worry about style points in another life. If then.

A QPR mis-kick set up this sequence and cost Rangers the game.

First, it was Stoke and now QPR who made the mistake that cost them the match. Full marks to Éden Hazard for being on his opponents' tails all the time.

Against the run of play, a shot came from out of nowhere. But stuff like that happens.

A mark of true champions is that even on the worst of days, they seem to come out ahead.

Chelsea now host Manchester United at home. With the Red Devils on a roll, Chelsea need more than just a single shot on target to win on this one.

Manchester United six-game form

It is the primary Blue against the primary Red.