Chelsea Continue to Mind the Gap

Published on 8-Apr-2015 by srijan213

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Chelsea Continue to Mind the Gap

Seriously, is this the best the Premiership can do?

Lotsa dosh spilled out by kajillionaires and bloody governments, and the league still can't manage anything better than a one-horse race?

The rest of the clubs are going broke trying to keep up with the big fish, and if it wasn't for crazy cash, the crunch would be worse.

Ironically, in the end, it seems money is only working for one outfit over the long haul.

Chelsea snapped up another trois points at the expense of Stoke City, as Eden Hazard & Co won 2-1 in their home ground.

Not much of a surprise here, really. José Mourinho has madeturned Stamford Bridge into a fortress that is perhaps trumped only by Superman's.

Stoke City are sitting mid-table and free of relegation worries, but with no hopes of any Championship qualification, either. As a result, their relaxed nature showed.

The Blues opened their scoring as Cesc Fàbregas’ devious diving skills earned the frontrunners a penalty:

Hazard, Mourinho's Penalty Guru, stepped up:

The Guru never misses.

Then came Stoke’s turn for payback, and in spectacular fashion. Charlie Adam arguably scored the Goal of the Year with this blast:

It's worthy complement to Juan Mata’s strike against Liverpool for top honors:

Furthermore, it's a fair comparison to David Beckham’s stunner years back:

Well, looks like we are seeing it over and over again.

Back to the present, though; Adam's feat was not enough.

Chelsea aren't the leaders for nothing. The quality of champions is that they always step up when the rubber meets the road. And so they did. Literally:

Casual is casual with nothing on the line, but dude! Save the lawn bowling for your dotage!

Still, it was a magical play from Hazard for the assist. He may not be the prime goal scorer for Chelsea, but he is like Bob The Builder for the Blues:

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