Chelsea's Back to Their Winning Ways

Published on 25-Jan-2017 by akinkunmi009

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Chelsea's Back to Their Winning Ways

Shocked by Tottenham Hotspur just after the New Year, Chelsea didn't take long to reëstablish their championship-charging tempo.

The Blues have now scarfed six points outta six available since then.

They even took time to dispose of those minnows from Peterborough in the FA Cup, where John Terry apparently got bored and drew a red card so he could leave early.

Hull City, meanwhile, has spent January in win some, lose some mode. The Tigers have been alternating defeats and victories so far this month.

Next up in that rotation was getting dumped, and Hull went one further; they got zipped at Stamford Bridge, 2-0.

Give the visitors credit, though. Dudes put up a formidable wall in the first half, so much so that a mesmerized referee gave the Blues seven minutes of time added, which Diego Costa didn't mind at all.

Damn. Look at that! Nine Tigers plus their 'keeper inside the box, and the Blues' super-striker still found twine!

Maybe, after seven extra minutes, Hull's other man just couldn't hold it any longer and did a Snagglepuss for the locker room. Then again, maybe there wasn't any more room for him in the box, or maybe he didn't want to be in the shot when the rest of his mates got posterized.

Coulda been worse.

Forced to see what the other side of the pitch looks like, City mounted a charge or two on Thibaut Courtois. Didn't work.

The Belgian wall was on fire and ultimately posted his 13th clean sheet of the season.

Not that the Blues needed it, but 10 minutes from time, Gary Cahill nodded home a Cesc Fàbregas free kick to salt away the outcome:

So, for Chelsea, life's fine at the top. Dudes have an eight-point cushion on second-place Arsenal.

Not so for Hull. They're in the real Premiership race, and they're in it deep:

Premiership table foot

Oh, well. It's a Rugby League hotbed up there, anyway.