Charlie Adam Howitzer Stokes Stoke City

Published on 5-Apr-2015 by J Square Humboldt

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Charlie Adam Howitzer Stokes Stoke City

Nothing like a midfielder popping one in from midfield.

Especially during a visit to Stamford Bridge.

And it's a goal that will populate highlight reels for years to come.

Stoke City's Charlie Adam noticed Chelsea 'keeper Thibaut Courtois wandering off his line -- hell, it was more like he was strolling halfway back to Belgium -- and loaded one up:

So, dude's got one to tell the grandkids about some day.

Meanwhile, in the bigger picture, Chelsea may have been diverted from their mission of Premiership domination, but only for a moment.

Potters 'keeper Asmir Begović had a busy day but  was not without a lapse of his own, as he handed Loïc Rémy a gift that may not have been as spectacular as Adams', but it added two more points to Chelsea's account in addition to the one from -- up to that point -- what looked to be a certain draw.

And so it goes. Not even a possible goal of the year can stop the relentless inevitability that is Chelsea v2014-2015.