Champions Title Secures Barcelona's Treble

Published on 7-Jun-2015 by srijan213

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Champions Title Secures Barcelona's Treble

The Champions League build-up matched the Catalonian hype.

Obvious favorite Barcelona took home the honors with a 1-3 win over Juventus, completing its dream of a treble.

Given their overall performance this season, it was the logical conclusion.

Barça's night started brilliantly, as Ivan Rakitić broke the seal in the fourth minute.

The tiki taka tactics are long gone. This is the new and improved Barcelona.

But the Zebras aren't exactly shrinking violets. They charged back with an equalizer:

Álvaro Morata is making his name by scoring in big matches. This is as big as it gets, dude.

What Barcelona's season has been one continuous highlight reel of attacking football, and it showed again:

Messi, as always, with his trademark movement, and Suárez, as always, with his tiger-like reflexes.

Barça weren't done, of course, until they put a capper on the proceedings. Enter Neymar, delivering in the dying minutes.

Barcelona’s renowned MSN trio against only two defenders? Really?

The treble is theirs.

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