Carlos Tevez Puts It Together Putting Dortmund Out

Published on 19-Mar-2015 by srijan213

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Carlos Tevez Puts It Together Putting Dortmund Out

A highly anticipated clash between Borussia Dortmund and Juventus ended in disappointment.

Juve looked to be the only side into the match and won 0-3 on the road to advance 1-5 on aggregate.

Dortmund had a decent chance to make a run for the money at the start of the second leg until Carlos Tevez decided to show what he is actually made of. The most underrated striker in recent times hit the scorebook early with an absolute rocket.

Looked like it was invisible to the 'keeper, who made a late desperate attempt. That rarely works.

Still, Dortmund had a chance to bounce back but just couldn’t. It was all downhill from there.

Tevez turned into a creator on the next one and helped Álvaro Morata guide an easy one in.

What shabby defending, Dortmund! Time for a refresher in Defending 101: Don’t leave the strikers alone. As this tutorial shows, paying attention is a good thing:

Bianconeri and Tevez weren't done humiliating the men in yellow, either. Tevez collected his brace of the night.

Tevez's only disappointment on this night was that he didn't get his hat trick

So, Juventus marches on to the Champions League's Final Eight while Dortmund are left to continue their disappointing season.

He had it in him all this time.