Carlos Bacca Leads Sevilla to the Europa League Title

Published on 28-May-2015 by srijan213

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Carlos Bacca Leads Sevilla to the Europa League Title

Europa League glory doesn't shine as brightly as other competitions, but it's still hardware that only one club can raise in triumph.

So it was for Sevilla, edging Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk for the honors in a close 3-2 encounter to retain the title.

Dnipro struggled, fought, and performed miracles to make the final but were still regarded as underdogs to the Andelusian champions, but not always does David rack one up against Goliath.

Dnipro had the first bite of the cherry, though, as Nikola Kalinić got his head into the game:

We don’t often get to see Route One passes like that these days.

Undaunted, the reigning champions replied as Dnipro hesitated in a crowded penalty box:

OK, the 'keeper was screened, but still, Krychowiak only had one possible opening for a shot, and that's where it went. Not the best goal to concede.

Then, just over three minutes later, Sevilla’s top man, Carlos Bacca, lived up to his billing and gave Sevilla the lead:

One heck of a celebration , dude.

But Dnipro didn't come this far to lose so easily. The equalizer was a beauty:

Loved Ruslan Rotan's heart gesture from just outside the box. Must be a Nirvana fan.

But, countering with Metallica, Bacca's tiger-like reflexes made him the hero of the day, striking the final blow for Sevilla, which also earns them Champions League qualification for next season:

While Sevilla basks and Dnipro ponders a more measured clearing technique, next season's Europa tournament begins in just over a month from now. So much for a summer break, West Ham, and others of your 'good' fortune.