Cambridge Holds Man Utd to 0-0 FA Draw on a £0 Budget

Published on 24-Jan-2015 by srijan213

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Cambridge Holds Man Utd to 0-0 FA Draw on a £0 Budget

Manchester United was whitewashed against a fourth-division side, as its FA Cup tie with Cambridge United ended in a shocking 0-0 draw.

Who outside of England knew that Cambridge had more than a fabled ivory tower and Soviet spies?

Hell, there may not have been that many in Cambridge who knew. The club crashed out of the Football League in 2005 and only returned this season in what's now called the League Two tier.

So, yesterday's heroics were the club's second highlight of the past 12 months, and it could have been even more celebrated. All the U's lacked was the finish; the chances were there:

Of course, the Red Devils had their moments, as well.

And so it went. The Red Devils came in with a warm welcome but had to leave with a cold farewell. They must've been glad it wasn't the MK Dons replay, clearly seen 'round the world:

The result in Cambridge was a stunner for a couple of reasons.

  • First and obviously, it was England’s most successful club against a fourth-division side.  Each player in the United line-up has a greater value than the entire Cambridge team, a textbook example of money don’t buy class.
  • Secondly, frustration is starting to surface again as the formation-stage for the Luis van Gaal era plods along. Some teams just cannot be turned into Barcelona, no matter what the crest on their sweater says.

If ever legendary imposter Karl Power's inclusion in a team photo was actually relevant, perhaps it's now. He's the dude on the far left; while only Roy Keane and Gary Neville took notice then, one wonders if anyone would think he'd be out of place now:

Public opinion may not change van Gaal’s tactics, but the nil-nil scoreboard is likely banging the drums in his ears.

On the other touchline, though, it was a site to see. Cambridge loyalists celebrated their hard earned draw as if they won the treble.

Frankly, it was better than that. Cambridge United now travel to the Theater of Dreams and the huge payday that comes with it.

In effect, the scoreline will be an afterthought to them. The much-needed dosh infusion and the memories gained will be a satisfying double in itself.