C'mon the Palace! Chelsea Shocked at Stamford Bridge

Published on 29-Aug-2015 by srijan213

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C'mon the Palace! Chelsea Shocked at Stamford Bridge

Don't look now, but the Eagles are No 2 in the Premiership table.

Well, what the hell. Look now:

Premiership leaders 29 Aug 2015Crystal Palace may as well savor it while they can. Alan Pardew may be a genius right now -- he called this win -- but he still sinks when he steps on water.

Meanwhile, the Premiership's reigning champions are stepping on something much more foul these days.

Chelsea look mortal right now, so Crystal Palace took full advantage, swaggering into Stamford Bridge and ringing up a 1-2 upset.

After a near-death experience against West Brom, the Shinigami wasn't into giving the Blues second chances.

And Bakary Sako was fine with that:

But Chelsea did control much of this match. It surely was no surprise that they showcased their champions’ quality with an equalizer 14 minutes later:

Maybe the Manchester United's red never complimented Radamel Falcao, but he's rocking that blue kit. Now, he needs to get back in his national team's plans.

The Bridge was pumped after that display and expecting the usual killer blow, but it came from the other side, with Joel Ward finishing in the 81st minute:

Crystal Palace have mastered the art of silencing the crowd. Of course, in the past, they had a lot of practice doing that at Selhurst Park.

But it's not that way now.