Brazil Teaches USA a Harsh Friendly Lesson

Published on 9-Sep-2015 by srijan213

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Brazil Teaches USA a Harsh Friendly Lesson

There's no other way to put it. The United States of America endured a beatdown by Brazil to the tune of 1-4.

The Americans hadn't defeated that South American art show in the last five meetings, and the sixth was no different. Maybe it was only a friendly, but Brazil has its own issue to resolve; namely, peak performance in prime events.

By the looks of it, they're making progress.

It must've been bad biorhythms on the other side of the ball. In only the ninth minute, it looked as if the Washington Generals were having a reunion:

Counting the post, Brazil was playing with 12 men. Texas A&M should take note.

More hints of the Harlem Globetrotters appeared in the 49th minute when Neymar okie-doked Geoff Cameron with a downshift that produced a fortuitous appearance of gravity:

Neymar is a world-class diver, but this time it was more a matter of entrapment than enhancement. Suffice to say it was master gamesmanship either way.

Dude's also a world-class performer from the spot:

Even a correct guess by Brad Guzan wasn't enough to stop the inevitable.

But enough showmanship. Brazil reverted to its vaunted teamwork to strike twine for a third time:

Rafinha's nifty footwork exposed even more leaks in the American defense.

Back to Neymar,  who then showed yet again why he's the best in Brazil:

Dude exemplifies patience being a virtue. The Hulk needs to take some lessons from him.

Near the end, the USA went drone on their visitors, with Daniel Williams homing in from long range.

With a crucial Confederations Cup clash against Mexico on the horzion -- Sat 10 Oct at the Rose Bowl -- Jürgen Klinsmann's got some serious repair work to do on the back line, something Brazil seems to have already accomplished since their debacle at the pleasure of Germany in the last World Cup.