Brazil's Tourney Woes Carry Over to the Copa

Published on 19-Jun-2015 by srijan213

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Brazil's Tourney Woes Carry Over to the Copa

Colombia were one of the better teams of the 2014 World Cup but were eliminated by Brazil.

As if more motivation was needed for an event like the Copa América, it probably didn't hurt as Los Cafeteros socked it to a shocked set of Brazilians, 1-0, after an unusual twist at game's end.

Since their last international loss -- a virtual crisis, it was -- Brazil has not lost a single game. They had the form and the confidence to win this one and the only thing Columbia had was revenge.

Columbia shocked the Brazilian with a well worked set piece.

Brazil’s ego took a big blow after this.

Nowadays when we talk about the world's largest Portuguese-speaking nation's famed footballing troupe, we don’t think about the team itself but Neymar singularly. And why not? He's worthy of all the hype.

However, not everyone handles fame with modesty.

So, whenever Neymar plays Colombia, he doesn't play for the rest of the tournament.

Is he the new Joey Barton?

Let’s hope not.

But as soon as his football days are over, he'll have a head start on his next stop:

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