Borussia Dortmund: Finally, a Hot Start

Published on 17-Sep-2015 by srijan213

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Borussia Dortmund: Finally, a Hot Start

Rebounding from a nightmare of a season, this is a  well-appreciated comeback .

Borussia Dortmund staged an entertaining match against Hannover 96 to claim a 2-4 result and keep perfection intact for another day.

Der BVB has seen some big names depart, but they know how to make do better than any club in the world.

And yet, the uncanny trend that every good team needs to concede first to get going also applies to them:

Usually this sort of play comes from Dortmund.

Then, a chippy match morphed into MMA:

That's a two-point hit, right there.

The resultant penalty was then beautifully struck:

Patrick Aubameyang is in the form of his life.

Die Borussen then showed they're much more than a comeback-via-penalties team:

Still the masters of team play.

But not the masters of defense, apparently:

Well, team play obviously works for Hannover and any other practicioner, too.

The 96ers then had to deal with every team’s worst defender, Mr Own Goal:

Can't cut him, either.

Next, it was time for Felipe to show his versatility. Not only can he impersonate an MMA fighter, he's not so bad at volleyball, either:

Only Maradona gets away with the Hand of God, but he was not only a star, he was a crafty star:

Thus, the penalty in this one was just a formality.

Bernhard Langer would be proud.