Blues Cork the 'Pool's Hopes of a Top Four Finish

Published on 12-May-2015 by srijan213

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Blues Cork the 'Pool's Hopes of a Top Four Finish

Chelsea, after winning the league title beforehand, didn't let their ego get the better of them as they waltzed through a 1-1 draw with Liverpool.

The awkward thing about a rival winning the Premiership title beforehand is not only the finality of it but also being compelled to form the traditional Guard of Honor as the next opponent after the fact.

Gotta sting.

Almost as much as this in the early going:

That’s why John Terry's the top scoring defender in the Premiership.

Liverpool's frustration began to morph into chippiness

One Chelsea player was enjoying it all ...

But not for long.

That’s one drawback of being popular.

Back on the pitch, apparently, this was Captain's Day. With Terry already on the board, Steven Gerrard had to weigh in:

This dude's going to be sorely missed. He's irreplaceable.

A contingent of Chelsea fans -- rollicking agents provocateurs that they are -- had their own farewell message for Gerrard:

Call it a case of selective memory:

True, at match's end, much of the Stamford Bridge crowd gave the Liverpool skipper a standing ovation:

But he wasn't buying it.