Best Divers in Football

Published on 19-Jun-2015 by srijan213

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Best Divers in Football

There must be footballers out there who want another shot at the Olympics.

Once they pass their 23rd birthday, chances are slim to get on a pitch.

But there are some players who would be prime candidates for the aquatics events. Even the biggest stars are on this list.

Here are some of the best divers in the game today:

1.    Ashley Young

The Manchester United winger and England international is in fine form, both vertically and horizontally. Whenever the talk turns to diving, he's never too far from the buzz.

Dude's a master of height and distance. Young doesn't even need  a touch to go down. Just a puff of breath is enough.

2.    Gareth Bale

This prolific Welshman may be the most expensive player in the game with amazing skills in his repertoire. Sadly, diving is one of them.

Real Madrid didn't dish out all that dosh for Greg Louganis. It's a bummer he's failed to deliver, almost as badly as those dives. Now, Real fans have another reason to hate him.

3.    Cristiano Ronaldo

Ballon d'Or? How about Le Plongeur Extraordinarie? The world-renowned Portuguese international is accomplished enough at this technique to come out with his own line of swimwear.

There's so much video evidence available that it's a wonder a hasn't been created yet. At least there's no debate as to whom is better here, Messi or Ronaldo.

4.    Neymar

The biggest Brazilian sensation of this generation, Neymar is no doubt the best player for his country. But the dude's got a dark side. Call it an affinity for Fench pastry:

Arrogance only works if one can back it up. In this respect, Neymar'sboth the best footballer and best diver in the Brazil.

5.    Luis Suárez

The Uruguayan maestro has achieved much in his excellent career, but it's been peppere with a fair share of harsh notes, too. Suarez is already known for his Dracula-like behavior, and in the process he's proven that there indeed are dive-bombing vampires.

Why he wants to further tarnish his credibility is beyond imagination.

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