Belgium's the Best in Group B

Published on 14-Oct-2015 by srijan213

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Belgium's the Best in Group B

To the Flemish, they're de Rode Duivels. The Walloons call them les Diables Rouges.

The rest of Europe just calls them the winners.

Belgium has enough firepowerto win the Euro Cup, so topping a tepid group was no big deal for them. The Red Devils easily cruised past Israel to post a 3-1 result.

EuroCup Group B

There was a slight hope for Israel to qualify, but those dreams were quickly crushed.

Belgium did have to work hard for the first goal, but midway through the second half, Israel's 'keeper got caught counting the house:

That should have been saved.

Kevin de Bruyne has been excellent for both country and club, but he didn't have to stretch the limits of his talent for the Belgians' second strike:

That 'keeper needs to do some serious work on his right side, because everything there is wrong.

Then came the troubled one, Eden Hazard, to smooth over his flaws:

If only he was that good in the Premiership. Maybe then, Chelsea wouldn't be in the relegation zone.

After the Belgian barrage, Israel at least salvaged a lovely parting gift:

That's the definition of a perfect header.

But on this night, nothing more.