Belgium's Starting to Look Like Belgium Again

Published on 18-Jun-2016 by srijan213

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Belgium's Starting to Look Like Belgium Again

Perhaps this relatively young side had bought into all the press clippings.

For a while there, it seemed like Belgium thought all that was needed in Euro 2016's group stage was to throw a collective jock on the pitch and be awarded trois points.

However, the Italians sorted out that fallacy in a hurry.

With an exclamation point, even:

In essence, this meant there was no margin for error for Les Diables Rouges'-- or De Rode Duivels if you favor Flemish -- in their remaining Group E matches.

Dudes definitely took care of business against the Republic of Ireland, dominating to the tune of a 3-0 scorching.

This match was never a problem. The Irish, realists that they are, put their efforts into securing a draw, but Belgium was on a mission.

Romelu Lukaku brought his A game, which included this timely feat just after the half:

No wonder the big clubs are after him.

13 minutes later, Axel Witsel touched the ball with his 'fro:

In this day and age when concussion concerns have even reached into this version of football, dude may be on to something with a bit -- OK, a lot -- of natural padding.

Ireland saw the writing on the wall after that, and while they were looking, Lukaka scored his second:

Next up for the Belgians: Zlatan Ibrohimović and his Swedish buds on Wed 22 Jun.

Unless Ireland pulls out leprechauns and four-leaf clovers to shock Italy, Belgium only needs a draw to advance. Clearly, Sweden has other designs, and after playing the Azzura straight up, they've got reason to believe.

Euro 2016 Group E

But with the Red Devils firing on all cylinders, it'll be a tall order.

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