Belgium's Becoming a Global Force for Goals

Published on 11-Oct-2015 by srijan213

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Belgium's Becoming a Global Force for Goals

International football's Red Devils are coming of age.

Belgium's constellation of young stars are bdginning to show consistency in their performances.

They're even taking total command of matches they're supposed to win. Like yesterday's, when they cut Andorra’s defense like a hot knife through butter and reached the Euro 2016 finals by cruising to a 1-4 victory and igniting joy throughout the Land of the Smurfs.

With qualification on the line, there was no way Belgium was going to take a sure trois points for granted.

And it only took 19 minutes for the first salvo to hit, in the form of this goal from Radja Nainggolan:

Then came the Ginger Pelé, Kevin de Bruyne:

Trying the Balotelli celebration, are we?

The only way Belgium was going to concede was through a penalty, and they conceded:

Next up was the Penalty Guru, Eden Hazard, to show how it's done:

The Guru has spoken.

Belgium was not yet done with the domination, though:

It looked like a lesson to those watching on different ways to concede a goal.

As a capper, the Penalty Guru stepped up again to showcase his one and only talent:

Maybe José Mourinho was right. Dude's proved it once. He shouldn't need to do it again.

But it's comforting to know he's money when called.

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