Bayern v Dortmund: The David and Goliath of Football

Published on 4-Nov-2014 by srijan213

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Bayern v Dortmund: The David and Goliath of Football

Little Borussia Dortmund could do very little against the giants Bayern Münich in their quest for the holy grail.

The most daunting fixture in the Bundesliga is FC Bayern against Dortmund.

The tactical match-up of Klopp and Guardiola, the counter-attacking clash between wingers, the creativity challenges in midfield, and the test of strength at the back ... all these battles are fought in one night in one match. And unbeaten Bayern rattled underperforming Dortmund in every possible way.

Dude, Arjen Robben's Dutch. A Germanic language stand-alone j sounds like y in English. As in Ar-yehn.

Anyway, as we saw, Dortmund's savior this season, Marco Reus, started it off, an ex-Dortmund player leveled it all up, and Robben -- a Ballon d'Or nominee -- disrupted Dortmund's defense numnerous times and then converted from the spot to post the 2-1 result.

A night that started with uncountless expectations, in the end, faded towards to obvious.

David doesn't often beat Goliath, so when he does, it's news.

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