Bayern Munich Taken Down by Schalke ... Kinda

Published on 5-Feb-2017 by srijan213

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Bayern Munich Taken Down by Schalke ... Kinda

Every once in a while, something of note comes outta the Bundesliga.

It's a rare occurrence because FC Bayern rules it with an iron fist.

However, this is almost one of those times.

Schalke 04 wandered into the Schlauchboot because the schedule told them to,  and they actuall came away with a 1-1 sister kisser.

Die Knappen -- the Miners -- may be sitting in the lower half of the table, but they can be as much a thorn in Bayern's side as Dortmund.

They're a proud outfit. In fact, Schalke 04 has the second-largest club membership in Germany; no guesses as to who's first. Still, they're the Wolverhampton Wanderers of the Bundesliga in current times, ie- their heyday was long, long ago.

Bayern, as expected, dominated the game.

Predictably, the goal machine known as Robert Lewandowski opened up the scoring before anyone really broke a sweat:

Maybe this is where Tiger should go for advice on his short game.

Been there, dude.

Anyway, Schalke weren't intimidated by the opener. Sitting 12th in the 18-team league, they've definitely been there.

So, four minutes later, Naldo slipped a change-of-pace through to level it all up:

Well, now we know what happens if Manuel Neuer falls down in the forest and everyone's there to hear it.

And that was that.

FC Bayern Munich definitely didn't see this coming. It didn't do much for putting any distance between them and their pursuers, either.

Bundesliga table

It could be an interesting run through the season's second half, after all.