Bayern Munich Prolongs the Inevitable

Published on 20-Dec-2014 by srijan213

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Bayern Munich Prolongs the Inevitable

For what seemed to be a sure-shot draw, FC Bayern taught Mainz 05 how to leave it late.

The German juggernaut remains on another level in the Bundesliga. Building a cushion of 14 points already at this stage of the season is a dreamer’s dream.

The league schedule sometimes looks like a formality for them, and their match against Mainz 05 was another formality step towards yet another title.

The foggy weather did its bit to suggest a surreal scenario was in the works:

Eventually, the match ended the way it was expected but not in the usual München manner. It was the self-described diver, Arjen Robben who stabled the stumbling scenario after Bastien Schweinsteiger equalized Elkin Soto's strike in the first half.

Here's Soto defying the gods:

Here are the gods striking back:

And here's the quashing of all mortal hope in the match's final seconds:

Although a draw would not have cost them the title, Bayern showed exactly why they're the reigning champions. No quarter, dudes.

That'll hold 'em until the Bundesliga returns after the holiday break.

The unbeaten streak continues as Die Übermenschen relentlessly march on to the next step, to the next chapter.