Bayern Münich Settles for a Down-Home Celebration

Published on 24-May-2015 by srijan213

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Bayern Münich Settles for a Down-Home Celebration

Completing a low season by their lofty standards, Bayern Münich won, 2-0, against Mainz 05 to gain a final hurrah.

Bayern are always favorites for the German title, no matter what the season. The Bundesliga crown is like their default trophy. A lost performance in the Champions League dented their campaign this time around, but they're still the German champions.

This match featured a new level of late-season inanity, as Mainz defender tried to play volleyball on a football pitch,

Must've thought he was the defensive Maradona.

It was Bayern’s front man, Robert Lewandowski, to take a penalty, and he did not disappoint:

Not moving helps, sometimes. Hard to resist, though.

It was Manchester United target Bastian Schweinsteiger to step up next for the mighty Bayern:

Bayern may not be the European champion, but they're deserving in their home country.

Let Barça and Juve have their own fun in Berlin. Bayern will continue to celebrate at home.

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