Barcelona Sweeps Atlético Aside

Published on 7-Apr-2016 by srijan213

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Barcelona Sweeps Atlético Aside

This long-awaited fixture arrived with lots of anticipation but ended in the usual manner.

Barcelona defeated the dreamers of Atlético Madrid as they won the first leg of their Champions League pairing, 2-1.

The top two La Liga teams promised fireworks. Atlético's hard rock defense colliding with Barça's unstoppable attacking force did not disappoint.

The Master of Misses, Fernando Torres, actually delivered in this one, scoring the first half's only goal:

He may be a Chelsea reject, but dude's an Atlético Galactico.

However, as these things can do, hero ultimately turned villain, as Torres picked up a red:

Dude never liked that color, anyway. Could be why he left Liverpool.

Not coincidentally, Barcelona seized the opening and broke the Colchoneros' brilliant defense, with Luis Suárez finding a way in:

Even when Barça shoots, it looks like a pass.

Then, 11 minutes later, Suárez was on the glory end of the telling strike. Dude got to show his finishing skills and took full advantage:

Head, feet, or teeth, he's got the weaponry to leave his mark on a match.

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